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How Big Is Your Appetite for Growth?

Traditional food and beverage brands are increasingly threatened by a context of market volatility and liquid offerings.

Competitive threats no longer come from within the category, but from a fluid arena defined by the brands that can meet an increasingly complicated set of evolving customer expectations.

New analysis from Interbrand estimates the global economic value of the Taste Arena at $15.4tn, with an annual growth forecast of 8.4% over 5 years.

The Taste Arena Report contains new:
— Quantitative Consumer Data
— Insight from Global Brand Leaders including PepsiCo, illycafè, and Tastewise
— Industry Commentators, such as Flora Ventures, a leading Food-Tech & Sustainable

And highlights opportunities for incumbent and out of category brands to thrive by creating truly personalized experiences based on the unique demands and preferences of the customer.

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