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Breaking Free.

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With an estimated value of $7.1bn, and huge potential for both intimacy and scale, many brands are looking for a route in to Play.

The most relevant brands in this space compete to help customers ‘break free’ of the constraints of their day-to-day lives, in turn embracing a journey of exploration, experimentation and discovery. They solve for social isolation by helping us explore and connect with our tribes, and they create opportunities for post-pandemic renewal and needed social and cultural change — often doing all this in fun and mischievous ways.

In our latest installment of Interbrand Arenas, we explore customer-centric approaches to building stronger brands by working in tune with customers’ motivations and desires to stay relevant.

We invite you to participate in an exclusive, private screening of our latest Play Arena documentary, featuring expert perspectives and consumer opinions from around the world. In this private 60-minute session, we share our film content and discuss the implications for your team and your business. You’ll have a chance to meet the Interbrand team behind the Play Arena and think through how our insights can help your business make its next Move.

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In the report, you’ll meet a former Paralympian, LARPers, Pickle Ball Players, a Swimmer who is also a Quadruple Amputee, Soccer Fans, Online Gamers, Board Game Enthusiasts, and Skateboarders. You’ll learn about what defines Play, why we need it, the cultural tensions holding us back, and the brands that are succeeding at building deep connection to people’s identities and values.

Download Play to discover what we believe sits at the human core of Play, and what connects its tribes. This report is part provocation for brands and part manifesto for us all.

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