Reaching New Heights

Buying a home. It’s the biggest decision and the biggest investment many people will ever make.

But it’s not easy. And in a time marked by economic uncertainty, the path to home ownership can feel daunting at best and like an impossible dream at worst.

Genworth was Australia’s first Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) provider—offering people an alternative pathway to home ownership since 1965.

Fast-forward 50 years.

Genworth Australia was separating from its US parent company and wanted to seize the opportunity to enter the future with confidence and clarity, as it continued to support its customers in reaching new heights.

The brief

In February 2021, Genworth Australia separated from its US parent company.

As Australia’s biggest LMI provider—with proven success, domain expertise, and significant policy influence—there was much for Genworth to be proud of. But its single-product offering was on the verge of disruption. In fact, the product itself was often misunderstood because of how it was communicated 
by others along the home ownership journey. As for the Genworth brand, it was secondary to its offering.

Our task was to work closely with Team Genworth to propel the organisation into a bright new era through critical strategic shifts and an inspiring identity.

The solution

Helia (derived from Heliacal, which means ‘near the sun’, and relates to when a star rises with the sun) is guided by its new Masterbrand purpose: To accelerate financial wellbeing through home ownership, now and for the future. This purpose allows the brand to confidently shift from offering a single product to assuming the role of a solutions creator with multiple propositions. By making customers and their needs its focus, Helia plays that role with warmth and understanding.

The new identity showcases how Helia works hard to cut through complexity, empower its customers, and move people towards their property goals. It strikes a balance between pragmatism and possibilities, simplicity and solutions—all while providing moments of uplift across every touchpoint.

Helia is here to reimagine the home ownership experience. And in doing so, it enables people to reach new heights and achieve their property goals.

Media Response


Illustration by Louis Wes

Animation by Matt White and Marco Palmieri

Photography by Nick de Lorenzo

Videography by Entropico

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