Changing a national debate around 
a divisive subject

How do you sweeten a national debate around a divisive social issue?

“G’day mate”. Australians are famous for that warm, welcoming expression. But when our government launched a national vote to determine whether same-sex marriage should be made legal… well, the conversation turned sour. So we set out to change it.

G’ AY MATE is a reminder of what it means to be Australian; friendly, laidback, and to always give everyone a fair go.

Because if everyone deserves a fair go, surely same-sex couples should be allowed to get married.

Through how-to-vote flyers, free G’ AY MATE t-shirts, social media conversation starters, a national poster campaign, and hitting the streets in pro-marriage equality marches, we played our small part in fighting for the greater good.

On the 15th of November 2017, Australia voted YES to same-sex marriage. We’re proud to announce that G’ AY MATE was awarded two pencils at this year’s D&AD Awards – the world’s premier design and creativity festival.

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