Yesterday’s Breakthrough Brands, Today’s Cultural Icons

Thursday, June 10
2:00-3:00pm ET

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Interbrand is gearing up to launch our latest edition of Breakthrough Brands, a report that identifies challenger brands primed to break through to mainstream awareness. In celebration of this year’s report, we will be joined by Vox Media to sit down with a few of the most successful Breakthrough Brands alumni.

Denise Persson, CMO, Snowflake (’20), Deena Bahri, CMO, StockX (’20) and Karina Kogan, Global Head of Product Marketing, Peloton (’16) will talk about their growth, how they weathered the COVID storm, and what we can expect from them going forward.

The event will be moderated by Edwin Wong, SVP of Insights and Innovation at Vox Media and Naeiri Zargarian, Associate Strategy Director.


Denise Persson

CMO, Snowflake

Deena Bahri

CMO StockX

Karina Kogan

Global Head of Product Marketing, Peloton Interactive

Edwin Wong

SVP of Insights and Innovation, Vox Media

Naeiri Zargarian

Associate Strategy Director, Interbrand