The Next Generation of Icons

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Nomination Criteria

What are the brands that delight you? Who are the new players that have made you rethink what your user experience could be like? What emerging company understands your needs and not only addresses them, but exceeds them?  Who do you think will be in the next generation of icons?

  1. Disruptive: Brands that are challenging category and cultural norms, pushing sector innovation to new, unexplored areas that make even the biggest players take notice. 
  2. Brand Experience: From Identity to UX (and everything in between), these brands are creating visually striking and exciting experiential moments for customer participation, providing a refreshing approach for consumers to engage with their products and/or services. 
  3. Buzz: The brands are growing in momentum and are generating media coverage and/or social engagement. They’re celebrated for their innovation, success, creativity, and influence, but most importantly, have not yet penetrated mass awareness. 
  4. Presence: Whether it’s an innovation incubator in Silicon Valley or a university venture that grew out of its dorm in South Korea, these brands can originate from anywhere, but must have a foothold in North America. 
  5. Size: Located somewhere between a boutique small business and a two-billion-dollar valued company, these brands are neither too small nor too big. They’re ripe for potential VC investment but are not thinking of going public soon.