True and Blue: refreshing the world’s leading spam-blocking app



Office: Mumbai

Truecaller began as a a simple call identification app created by two friends in Stockholm, in 2009. Over time, it took hold in many markets around the world to become the world’s no. 1 go-to app for spam blocking, with over 350 million users worldwide.

As the brand readied itself for its next growth trajectory, incorporating new features in the app, there was a need to refresh the brand too.

Our Approach

Working closely with the Truecaller team, we began by creating a powerful brand narrative that was based on a robust brand definition and architecture.

Together, we defined the band’s ambition – to put the power of choice back into the hands of people, with the help of the 356-million-strong Truecaller community, which we dubbed the world’s largest community of trust.

This ambition translated into Truecaller’s customer value proposition – to help people take the right call in a world that is full of misinformation, disinformation and half-truths.

“At Truecaller, we want to create a world that’s true to people’s trust, time and efforts.”

– Truecaller’s Purpose

The refreshed Truecaller

We agreed on taking an evolutionary approach to crafting the identity, building on the history and heritage that Truecaller had created for itself. Hence, the logo itself was tweaked minimally.

We instead focused on creating a distinctive feel for the brand that went beyond the logo. The app icon was a key asset and the first one that users identified with. In creating the refreshed app icon, we built on the Truecaller wordmark to create an icon that reflected the essence of the brand, while making it so much more distinctive as compared to other generic diallers.

Elements from the logotype were used creatively to create a unique design language. A real, “no filter” photography style and a distinctive illustration style built on this to create a uniquely own able Truecaller feel.


The new brand has been loved universally both, by Truecaller employees as well as their 356-million-strong user base. Feedback on social media has been consistently positive.

Interbrand continues to work with Truecaller in developing and building the brand globally. 

“The flywheel of trust, powered by our 356-million strong global community, helps make communication a little safer every day. Our new positioning and brand identity is a reflection of this empowerment and trust.”

Ashwani Sinha, Vice President, Global Brand – Truecaller