Creating a distinctive experience for a new-age logistics brand

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Office: Mumbai

Porter, a tech-enabled logistics company, is a prominent player in India’s $40 billion intra-city logistics market. The company places great importance on its three primary stakeholders: Porter employees, driver partners, and customers. With a vast team comprising over 300,000 driver-partners and 5,000 employees, Porter offers a range of intracity and intercity delivery services. Porter works towards creating a positive impact and improving lives. Their purpose ‘ Move a billion dreams, one delivery at a time’ brings them closer to actioning it.

As Porter was getting ready to revamp their brand for their next growth trajectory, they approached Interbrand to help them create a distinctive brand experience.

Our Approach

Working alongside Porter, Interbrand embarked on a journey to establish a cohesive brand DNA, Employee Value Proposition, and Associate Value Proposition.

Our thorough deep research with Porter employees and partners revealed that people were the core of Porter’s success. More importantly, it was the driver partners (Associates) who played a major role in delivering the experience for the end customer.

Delving deep into their culture, we identified a comprehensive set of five core values: Empathy Driven, User Obsessed, Own It, Collaborate to Win, and Keep Moving. These values served as the core of Porter’s identity and drove their operations forward.

A view of an office lobby

“At Porter, we create impactful journeys.”

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Associate and Employee Value Proposition

We discovered that Porter’s unwavering dedication to improving Associates’ lives and providing them growth opportunities was a perfect example of their commitment to a better future for their associates. Empowering these partners to dream and reach new heights was at the heart of Porter’s vision. The company understood their challenges and inspires them to embrace independence.

We encapsulated this spirit in the Associate Value Proposition as “Umeedon ki Udaan” (Let your hopes take flight)

When it came to the employees, Porter’s approach centered on inspiring individuals and fostering trust from within by doing what was right. Their kind-hearted and nurturing spirit was evident in their emphasis on employees’ personal growth and helping individuals unleash their full potential.

The EVP that we crafted credibly reflected the organization’s essence: “Creating impactful journeys.”

To bring our strategic vision to life and enhance the practical implementation of both the value propositions in everyday life, we defined a set of behaviors and competencies, and translated them into rituals and practices. In addition, we also elevated their brand essence by crafting a well-defined tone of voice and guidelines.


The unveil of Porter’s AVP and EVP coincided with their move into a new, more spacious office space.

We designed the space to embody the Porter way of life. The design represented a creative adaptation of the Porter journey, incorporating imaginative posters, feature walls adorned with the Porter values, and captivating graphical illustrations.  

The new brand has been widely embraced throughout the organization and Porter continues to grow from strength to strength, moving a billion dreams, one delivery at a time.

“With Interbrand onboard, we have been able to craft our strategies that embody our brand purpose. These will play a pivotal role in nurturing a strong company culture, attracting top-tier talent, and driving the growth of our partner network.”

Mohit Rathi, AVP – Growth and Marketing, Porter