interbrand MUMBAI

Changing behaviours and perceptions, internally and externally



Office: Mumbai

Infosys, a global leader in technology services & consulting, helps clients in more than 50 countries to create and execute digital transformation strategies. Infosys’s past success in IT Outsourcing as defined it in the market, limiting growth and perception both internally and externally as also a leader in IT Consulting and Information technology business. With 80% of Infosys’ business in the US, and new restrictions of Trump era immigration policies, a quick shift in external understanding and internal behavior was needed. 

Infosys gave Interbrand Mumbai and New York offices 3 months to develop a brand strategy and brand campaign. Pushing to gain quick, short-term solutions while also thinking of long term goals for the brand. Interbrand moved quickly, working closely with Infosys clients to establish a hypothesis that clients did not want someone one to claim they had all the answers, but a partner to work with them and guide through issues they face – making the solution real, as it were. We built upon the insight that business transformation was not a destination in itself, but a journey where digital technology was no longer the next big thing, but something that was embedded in everything that came next in the journey. This formed the core of the Infosys promise to its clients – Navigate your Next.

In expressing the new brand narrative, we chose not to modify the Infosys logo choosing instead, to create a holistic identity system that was built around the logo. The ‘I’ in Infosys inspired the portal device, that became a central feature of the identity system. It represented visually, the act of navigating the client’s next. A distinctive typeface and photography style supplemented the portal device to create a global look and feel for Infosys.

The refreshed brand launched on the website in June 2018, followed by an internal campaign and education around the promise Navigate Your Next. Since its launch, the Infosys brand has significantly moved the needle on being perceived as a digital technology specialist and a leader in the consulting and IT business.