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Alrajhi Bank is the no. 1 bank brand in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia thanks to its legacy, financial stability, and strong physical presence, three highly valuable strengths that gave banks an advantage in the past but can quickly become their biggest challenges in the future. With total assets of US$ 80bn, Alrajhi Bank is not only one of the largest banks in the world, but also one of the most representative Islamic banks with presence in KSA, Jordan, Kuwait, and Malaysia.

In a context of total revolution in the financial sector, with multiple digital players and new ways of understanding and managing personal finance, Alrajhi Bank’s ambition required taking the brand to the next level by pushing the boundaries of financial services, being relevant to younger generations and changing the status quo.

To do so, we defined a thought-provoking all-in-one approach to further develop Al Rajhi Bank’s brand as it gears up towards the future (Vision 2030 + Bank of the Future 2025 Strategy) which highlighted the necessity of transforming a traditional bank into a financial ecosystem thanks to the power of emotion and a purpose beyond the business: enabling finance for everyone’s thriving future.

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A people-driven financial ecosystem

While the most traditional players in the industry verbalize their ambition around “company focus”, Al Rajhi Bank now expresses “people focus” by stating its goal to create the financial ecosystem of the future for new generations through a constantly improved experience and exciting possibilities. In short, to “unbank the bank”.

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With these key strategic assets, we defined a trajectory for the brand and the moves it needed to implement to achieve its ambition. One of these was to craft a new brand world that would embody its renewed essence. We developed a simple, modular, and flexible visual identity, combined with a touch of glow to ignite the spark of emotion.

Alrajhi Bank is now on a journey to be closer to people’s lives: a new purpose and ambition to bring real change and a brand world that engages emotionally with people, building up the relevance of KSA’s leading financial brand.

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