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Care for the Homeless

Care For the Homeless

Office: Interbrand Health

Care for the Homeless needed a strong brand to establish the role that health plays in shifting perceptions and in driving transformational change for people experiencing homelessness.

A non-profit organization in New York City, Care for the Homeless has been working for over 30 years to provide healthcare and shelter services to people across the city who are experiencing homelessness. With new leadership and an ambitious business strategy in place, the time was right to develop foundational brand elements that better expressed the organization’s vision to all stakeholders. It is critical for Care for the Homeless to raise awareness of what they are actually doing, and to drive dialogue around the impact that health has in this underserved population, so they can create positive momentum towards making homelessness a solvable problem in the city of New York.

Care for the Homeless needed assistance in overcoming communication challenges that limited their ability to address misperceptions surrounding both the brand and the services that they offered. A brand strategy and core messages were developed in order to provide a communications platform that could guide purposeful and meaningful conversations about what the organization does, how it does it, and why it matters in a way that would be relevant across all of their stakeholders. Building upon the equities in the current logo, a refreshed logo was developed in order to emphasize the organization’s focus on care, humanity, and understanding, visually telling the story of what they do and uniquely expressing their compassionate approach to care.

The new Care for the Homeless positioning and core messages help to turn the idea of “value” into a multi-faceted concept that is extremely relevant for people working in and experiencing this specific area within health. Care for the Homeless redefines value to mean.

  1. The significant and measurable impact that stems from their ability to provide the highest quality health services across a population that is most in need of care
  2. The value Care for the Homeless places on people, recognizing that every person deserves to be treated with respect and dignity no matter their situation, and in bolstering the self-worth for those that they serve which, in turn, can positively impact their health
  3. The value that comes from humanizing homelessness; shifting the values of society toward a moral responsibility to contribute to solving the problem of homelessness once and for all

This work was announced during the Care for the Homeless annual fundraising event on September 20, 2018. As a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and a Health Services Resources Administration (HRSA) Section 330h grant recipient, with 14 sites that are National Commission on Quality Assurance (NCQA) Patient Centered Medical homes (PCMHs) with Level 3 designation, we congratulate Care for The Homeless on their recent accomplishments and are proud to have been a part of the brand refresh.

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