Baker Hughes

Paving the way for the future


In 2019, Baker Hughes articulated a new strategic focus to lead as an energy technology company. With a new strategic direction in place, the next step was to transform the identity.

We created a visual identity that balances their legacy and a bolder, more holistic vision of the future. Led by a new logo, flexible visual identity system, and voice, it’s centered on being human, focused, and open.

The new logo, the Mobius Arrow, symbolizes the spirit and purpose of the new Baker Hughes — to take energy forward, making it safer, cleaner, and more efficient for people and the planet.

Two arrows connect to form a mobius shape, representing their focus on perpetual progress.

Logo lockups with mobius arrow

The symbol captures the ever-changing nature of the industry and Baker Hughes’ leadership position in the era of energy transition. Its geometric style is a signal of the technological core of what they do and its infinite possibilities.

A new imagery style puts a face to the values of Baker Hughes. With an editorial, journalistic approach to photography, images capture real moments without distortion, artificial devices, or filters. That makes them feel human, not staged.

The new Baker Hughes identity uses fewer elements in impactful ways. It’s clean and direct without being too simplistic, which helps the brand stand out in a crowded space. This is accomplished by the use of white as a primary color, naturally styled photography, and approachable typeface. The goal of the system is for Baker Hughes to look as progressive in its design as it is in its practices.

With their new brand identity, Baker Hughes is leading the way to the next era of energy, while keeping people at the core of what they do.

Branded buisness cards