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Best Global Brands 2020: Move in the Decade of Possibility

Move in the Decade of Possibility is an invaluable, timely and in-depth report on how automotive brands are adapting and thriving in the fast-changing environment of 2020 – and how they’re positioning themselves for a complicated future. Essential reading for analysts, executives, motorheads, and anybody looking to understand what the future of this turbulent sector holds.

Download the full report now to learn:

  • How automotive brands performed in the Best Global Brands top 100 rankings
  • The pressures and possibilities for the global automotive sector in the next decade
  • Exclusive insights from industry leaders, including Audi, Porsche, Toyota and Hyundai
  • Customer insights on how the automotive world is perceived now, and what that means for the next generation of buyers
  • A special focus on the hidden trends shaping the future of this most turbulent of sectors

This report is the second of a series focusing on the most important and relevant business sectors, and their actions and ambitions now and in the future.

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