Building value, and a Best Global Brand


Samsung has evolved as rapidly as the technology they create. As they’ve developed the latest products, they’ve recognized the need to develop deeper customer relationships and build the value of their brand as a whole.

As their strategic partners, we used our brand valuation process to show Samsung senior management that they were rapidly creating value, but that by investing in the brand, they could take that value even further. We highlighted areas of strength and helped them see where they could improve.

And as Samsung has evolved as a business and a brand, we have worked with them—highlighting where they could build their brand and providing recommendations they could put into practice immediately. As issues came up, we did deeper analyses, as well as providing a long-term roadmap for the brand, around which senior management and employees have rallied. In the last decade, Samsung has transformed into a design-led market leader, rising to #07 on the Best Global Brands ranking in 2014. We helped Samsung place brand value at the heart of their business, influencing decision-making and strategic direction.

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