Forward for Good: Transforming an industry giant with purpose

Progress by default, circularity by heart

OMV, one of Austria’s largest operating companies and a global leader in oil, gas, and petrochemicals, is undergoing the biggest transformation in its over 60-year long history. By 2050, the company aims to become climate neutral and evolve into an integrated provider of sustainable fuels, chemicals, and materials with a strong focus on circular economy solutions. To ensure the brand is capable of carrying this transformation, OMV is also evolving the brand strategy to open the business for new audiences, categories and sustainable and climate friendly growth in a disrupted industry.

Sylvia Shin, OMV Senior Vice President Communications: “OMV is all about innovation and new technologies catalyzing our transformation under the purpose of re-inventing essentials for sustainable living. A compelling, cohesive, and experiential visual identity is at the core of our vision in Communications, touching our many internal and external audiences around the globe. When we engage with employees, journalists, partners, customers and the broader public, the focus is on articulating the things that matter – and a compelling corporate design should help convey our OMV story with a holistic view.”

“Reinventing essentials for sustainable living”: Driving transformation with purpose

The introduction of the new Corporate Identity is the logical next step on OMV’s transformation trajectory and marks the first change to the brand in over 40 years.

The renewed corporate identity is a direct reflection of OMV’s evolved leadership principle and carries OMVs responsibility for sustainable change into every brand experience.

The core element of the transformed brand is the redesigned logo – the Loop – which represents circularity and forward-thinking to reflect OMV’s purpose: ‘Reinventing essentials for sustainable living’.

In addition, the rebranding includes a new color palette that establishes a clear connection to the company’s long tradition while also setting more distinctive accents and offering a broader spectrum for diverse themes and target groups. By adapting the color scheme, OMV also positions itself on a sustainable and modern foundation in the digital realm.

With the new identity, photography becomes a prominent core element, intentionally used to create dynamic and impressive images that tell strong and natural stories. The new illustration style is another way to incorporate creative thinking and make complex topics more understandable. The style is flat, geometric, and enriched with various textures – always with a sense of continuity.

Lastly, the tone of voice and typography have also been revised to consistently convey the new positioning across all touchpoints. The new in-house font is derived from the new logo, linking formal elements from design language as well as the ideas of circular economy and future orientation, thus emphasizing OMV’s new, more confident voice. Additionally, OMV is one of the first companies in the industry to establish dedicated sound branding, completing the new brand identity on a holistic sensory level.

A bold move for a better future for all

The new brand and design is implemented across all OMV touchpoints – from B2B to B2C. The website of the OMV Group at has been entirely revamped, and the new design will be implemented at around 1,000 OMV gas stations in seven countries, serving more than 650,000 customers daily. The new OMV brand will also be visible on properties such as office buildings or facilities. In the fall of 2024, a broad advertising campaign will be launched in Austria and selected international countries to make the new brand identity known to the general public. The introduction of the new corporate design will take place nationally and internationally in stages over the next three years.

“With the new brand identity, OMV continues the initiated transformation process consistently and boldly,” comments Nina Oswald, Chief Operating Officer, Interbrand in Central & Eastern Europe. “With the strengthened role of the brand, OMV lays the foundation for exploring new topics and target groups, without losing sight of its tradition.”

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