Old becomes new: Reinvigorating a legendary brand



Office: Tokyo

Once a pioneer in sports shoe technology, Onitsuka Tiger needed to remind customers what made it special in the sport-fashion market. How could it rekindle excitement and connect with the street?

One thing that made the brand distinctive was its birthplace, Japan. We linked Onitsuka Tiger to the country’s twin strengths: traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail, and a resolutely modern and forward-thinking spirit. Our interactive application and movie showed how Onitsuka reveled in its authentic artisan roots while reflecting the continuous reinvention of modern metropolitan Japan, a place forever in motion.

The launch of the app gave Onitsuka Tiger immediate and tangible benefits, including clearer positioning against its parent Asics, worldwide brand consistency, and the support needed to break into new markets.With a fresh take on the brand’s history, we turned their heritage into a driver of future success for those who are in the sports, fashion and apparel industry.

Asics app shown on touch screen in retail space