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From Financial To Services.

From Financial To Services

In collaboration with: Santander, Prudential, Prospera, American Banker Magazine and Principia Advisory

Competition within financial services is not only coming from the obvious disruptors (neobanks or similar) but from a multitude of adjacent angles and dimensions.

We are seeing new threats: from payment companies that evolve into full-fledged financial offerings, Telcos that are leveraging their tech infrastructure to offer financial products, and Big Tech brands that are utilizing their brand equity and massive scale to deliver new banking alternatives.

We are also seeing emerging consumer behaviors that offer a potent glimpse of the future. Meme stocks, retail investing, the ongoing monetization of personal assets – all point to people taking greater agency over their financial futures.

As technology continues to advance, and if regulation flexes, could we a new generation of ‘how’ brands moving into Fund to enable the human entrepreneurialism happening at the edges.

To avoid becoming the ‘middle’ of the market brands will need to focus their propositions less on finance’ and more on ‘service’ to understand “that money is about so much more than spreadsheets and numbers”.

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