Creating a cheerful travel brand

yellow balloon

Yellow Balloon

Office: Seoul

In order to build a brand that supports global expansion as a successful IPO and as a Global Travel Leader, Interbrand developed the yellow balloon brand identity system, representative brand message, an English name and renewed CI.

Through brand diagnosis we were able to highlight the Yellow Balloon’s direction to move forward, their competitive set, and gain consumers’ understanding of the values and properties of the travel agency brand. While reflecting the changing nature of tourism as a character of value consumption, we established a direction for developing brand identity that can sustain the trust and joy that consumers crave. The final brand identity was chosen with the concept of “light” meaning light travel, easy travel, and pleasant travel.

The English name of ‘Yellow Balloon’ was to make full use of the brand assets accumulated during the project. Through quantitative assessment, qualitative assessment, and similar brand search, we finally landed on the name Yellow Balloon.

Yellow Balloon branded stationary

Interbrand’s goal was to develop a bright and cheerful visual identity in line with this concept of ‘light.’ We tried to implement a flexible identity to evoke pleasant feelings like joy and happiness whenever a consumer thought of travelling. The logo – a yellow balloon – was designed to expresses the bright and light identity of the brand.

The icons also show each landmark while maintaining the formative features that emphasize the identity of Yellow Balloon. We developed uniform standards such as a clear graphic system, typeface, signature and provided a consistent look and feel so that yellow (the main color of the brand) would stand out.

The Yellow Balloon brand marked a new beginning for Korean travel. It’s a brand that has been loved by consumers for the past 17 years.

Yellow Balloon branded t-shirt
Yellow Balloon branded coach in yellow