Differentiating a traditional Brazilian paint brand


Founded in 1961, Suvinil is the go-to traditional paint brand in Brazil.

Known for transforming the interior of all rooms and living spaces, Suvinil needed to create a new packaging design for their latest product: Suvinil Criativa, an innovative, decorative paint with no preparation required, and ready to be applied immediately.

The design brief was to position the product as customer-focused, engaging and quintessentially Brazilian in its expression, so they enlisted the help of Interbrand of Interbrand São Paulo.

Graffiti on the side of a building by Brazilian graffitist Speto

Brazil is a nation that isn’t just famous for soccer, beaches and carnival. On the walls and buildings of São Paulo, you can find some of the most vibrant and world-famous street art.

We thought of ways to instill the spirit of Brazil’s street art into the new product, so we invited the graffitist Speto (a locally famous street artist) to design the look of the new packaging series.

We created 5 packages in different sizes, across formats with the new Suvinil visual identity and Speto’s bespoke illustrations. As Suvinil Criativa was created for the trendy customer – one that welcomes change – we knew they would embrace the refreshed identity.

The tailor-made illustrations showcase Brazilian art and culture through the combination of national folklore and urban art. The end result became more than just a can of paint, but instead, a collectible, reusable item designed not to be thrown away and kept as a work of art.

The new product arrived in stores largely differentiated from its competitors and its refreshed identity helps Suvinil reinforce its positioning as Brazil’s leading paint brand.