The planet’s pathways

Driving new energy and intelligence everywhere

With 150 years of experience and 108 plants across 50 countries, Prysmian is the world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, offering the widest possible range of products, services, technologies, and know-how.

In the last 15 years, Prysmian has expanded into new markets through transformational mergers and acquisitions, while delivering value to clients and communities and retaining a cohesive culture with all stakeholders. It was time for a change: in an ever-changing economic and social landscape, objectives must evolve to spearhead world’s need for energy transition and digital transformation.

At the end of 2023 Prysmian unveiled “Connect, to Lead,” the new strategy accompanied by financial and social targets designed to win in new organic growth area. It calls for a selective acceleration of investments to meet growing demand and set a 2027 target for in financial result (by reaching € 2bn EBIT), innovation, and energy-digital transition.

To empower this new step in the transformation of the brand, the group once again entrusted Interbrand. We have already had the chance to accompany the brand through determining phases of its journey: during the spin-off from Pirelli Group, during mergers and acquisitions, and for the launch of the first employee stock ownership plan.

A strong move into a purpose driven approach leveraging the brand’s strength in sustainability and innovation.

A bold transformation

Working across 4 offices (Milan, London, Madrid, São Paulo) in close collaboration with Prysmian, we charted the Group’s new course from past to future, defining the purpose ambition, the trajectory and creative canvas.

From a strategy point of view the collaboration reshaped the business to align with market dynamics and step into the future with a strong purpose “to empower human achievenments and sustainable living everywere”

This is not just a new identity for Prysmian, but a real evolution of the brand that defines a new era for the company, bringing the “Connect, to lead” strategy presented on the occasion of Capital Markets Day , held last October 5th in Naples. The new expression of Prysmian’s global brand, is a daily reminder that recalls the ambition of connecting millions of people to a more sustainable future.

The new expression was built digital first symbolizes Prysmian’s determination to lead new energy-digital transition through cutting-edge solutions that respect the environment and address the continuously evolving demands of our society.

Representing the dynamic connections and the energy transition it also convey the notion of our circular future. integrating gradient colors propelled energy and intelligence forward.

“Prysmian is uniquely placed to benefit from the opportunities presented by the structural changes arising from the convergence of the energy transition and digital transformation”  CEO-designate Massimo Battaini.

Building a new pathway through energy and digital transformation

The new strategy and outline were unveiled during its Capital Markets Day. This appointment marked the rebranding as a tangible commitment, expanding Prysmian’s presence in new markets, delivering innovative solutions to an increasingly diverse audience, and reinforcing stakeholder commitment.

Through this work, Interbrand helped Prysmian to push the boundaries of electrification and digitalization, powering the circular economy and focusing on what matters most, wherever people are.

This move raise the bar on empowering the group’s people – creating more value for all the group’s stakeholders.

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