When digital experience meets mobility

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FS Italiane is Italian transport. With over 750 million passengers and 50 million tons of cargo transported per year, and a presence in more than 60 countries (Germany, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, United States, France, Singapore and South Africa, among others) – it’s become more than just a household name. In 2017, the group cemented its position as an international player, turning a profit of €552 million.

In line with their 2017-2026 Industrial Plan, FS Italiane wanted to take the next step and create a digital platform that sought to redefine the mobility experience. That’s when we helped them create nugo.

nugo was born after an extensive analysis of: FS Italiane’s assets, their competitive scenario, and their overarching objectives, to define a credible, relevant and differentiating positioning for the brand, which informed their slogan: “Real and right experiences on the go.”
The name recalls concepts such as “new” or “in movement.” For its part, the visual experience, which extends from user experience to the principles of service innovation, builds a true brand ecosystem that redefines the concept of mobility.

The logo, bookended by two circles, is an abstraction of FS Italiane’s wheels and mobility services. The geometric typography, bright colors and simple interface help evoke this sense of a comfortable and modern travelling experience.

Nugo accumulated over 14,000 downloads in the first weekend after it launched.