A new way to play


Copag is the largest playing cards company in Brazil and the official playing cards supplier to the World Series of Poker. The 112-year-old brand had established itself as a world leader, but with the rise of mobile gaming and digital poker, it needed to pivot, fend off competition and reframe what it meant to play cards in the modern era.

Copag asked Interbrand São Paulo to help them realize this ambition and create a singular verbal and visual identity that could bring the brand to life.

The key insight we uncovered was essential in building Copag’s new identity. Beyond Poker, Bridge, or any other card game, the brand could talk, participate in, and sell everything related to fun. And fun can often get competitive. Thus the notion of: “you only know someone for real when you play cards with them” was born.

Vibrant branded bags

We wanted to amp up this messaging where possible and the new branding was an opportunity to do so. The idea that people’s true nature – through traditional card-game behaviors such as bluffing – shaped the visual identity. The new, playful identity reinterprets these images with a graphic-oriented language that brings vibrant colours, striking icons and a lot of movement through motions.

Copag’s rebrand evolved the brand from inside and out. Although it’s seen an uptick in the number of players, we managed to go even further. Build a brand that could talk to everyone through shared human behavior.

Bold visual identity across poster advertisements