Confidence in Numbers: Two decades of defining brand value


Moving from regional powerhouse to global icon.

It’s the late 90’s and the cell phone revolution is well under way. People across the world are snapping up the latest handsets from businesses like Nokia and Motorola. This accelerating, exciting consumer market was one that Samsung wanted to be a part of. But, with a reputation as a B2B component manufacturer, it was also one the business was struggling to break into.

What followed was a move that would take the company far from its roots – as a well-regarded South Korean electronics business – and propel it into homes across the world, cementing its position as the world’s most powerful consumer electronics brand.

Our economics capabilities underpinned that strategy, giving Samsung the data points – and the confidence – to drive even braver decisions. Our valuation methodology enabled us to identify the gaps to competition and challenges that Samsung would face along the way to fulfilling its ambition of becoming an iconic B2C brand.

Our subsequent annual valuations and advice prompted a seismic shift in the entire organisational attitude towards brand as a strategic driver of value: the business adopted it as a business-wide KPI. Each year we also identify opportunity areas to continue to strengthen the brand, finding ‘white space’ for the brand to deepen its emotional connection with consumers.

The results speak for themselves. Our strategic partnership, spanning the past two decades, has guided Samsung’s transformation into the world’s sixth most valuable brand. Experiencing an impressive 15% average annual growth rate in brand value since 2000, achieving a brand value of $59.89 million in 2018. The Samsung of today is praised globally as a pioneer of the consumer experience, creating innovative products that empower people everywhere to defy barriers and achieve the impossible.

Animation showing Samsung's brand value increasing from 2009 to 2018