Transforming India’s most-loved cookie brand


Britannia Foods

Office: Mumbai

India’s leading cookies and bakery brand that generations of Indians had grown up with was readying itself for a transformation into a total foods company in its hundredth year of existence.

Beside a strong association with cookies and cheese, Britannia was best known for its iconic jingle and its promise of “eat healthy, think better”, both created in 1997. But in the decades since, the meaning of health and wellness had undergone a tremendous shift. The brand had to reflect this new reality to stay relevant, especially to young adults who were an important customer set. The refreshed Britannia brand had to add excitement, reinforce premium, enhance youth appeal and, most importantly, convey that Britannia was a total foods company, not just a bakery specialist.

Research amongst consumers revealed that the brand’s biggest strength: Britannia was seen to be the only brand seen to have the perfect balance between goodness and indulgence. We built on the idea of ‘balance’ to create the brand promise which was summed up as Exciting Goodness.

The Identity

While translating the promise into the visual identity, we retained the core elements of the brand – the red color and the chevron – while refreshing the identity to a more modern and contemporary look and feel. This was achieved primarily by using brighter colors, and more modern typefaces.

While Britannia was traditionally associated with the colours Red and Green, we introduced Yellow to the palette to represent the excitement that Britannia brought to food.

“As we take decisive strides in becoming a Total Foods Company, we will also step up our plans to take Britannia to the globe.”

Varun Berry, Managing Director, Britannia Industries


The new Britannia identity was unveiled to coincide with its 100th anniversary. Since its launch, Britannia has grown steadily, adding a repertoire of products to its portfolio, consolidating its leadership in the market and transforming into a total foods company from the country’s premier cookie brand.

Since the brand refresh, Interbrand has continued to partner with Britannia in its journey.

We began by helping Britannia define its culture and Employee Value Proposition. The EVP was summed up as Make Tings Happen, a hat-tip to Britannia’s iconic jingle, Ting-Ting-ta-Ting.

We then partnered Britannia to create Come Alive, its brand of dairy products and one that would be central to Britannia’s journey into a Total Foods Company.

When the good and the fun combine, new possibilities arise. The new Britannia, with expanded horizons looks to a promising future that is bright. And boundless.