Connecting India, with 10m new customers a month!


To win in a cluttered market, hyper-relevance is everything. 

For a glimpse of how the internet is taking hold in India, catch a bus in Mumbai. At rush hour, with people packed tightly into the brightly colored vehicles, dozens of tiny screens glow brightly with messages, news and gossip sites, and Bollywood films.

The digital revolution, which has brought the potential of the internet to the 700 million people in India is largely thanks to one company’s ambition and the power of a single brand — Jio.

We collaborated with customers in real time to identify human truths – the emerging desires and behaviors that would unlock relevance and capture India’s imagination. The result is a new digital lifestyle brand that amplifies India’s vivacious energy and offers a suite of highly relevant products, including a super affordable 4G feature-phone. The JioPhone was transformative – it became many people’s first phone – and their first radio, camera, music player and internet browser – changing lives across the nation.

Jio’s launch moved the needle forever, rapidly changing the Indian telco market with its simple, new tariff structure and game-changing products that spoke directly to an emerging digital lifestyle. The Economist credits Jio with this revolution.

Commercially launched in September 2016, the brand already attracted over 100 million customers, making Jio the biggest data carrier worldwide. In just two years it snapped up the market share of at least three of its major competitors and became one of India’s ‘big four’ providers, creating a new digital ‘Jiography’ for India.