Outside In Podcast:

Pam Lifford, President, Global Brands & Experiences, Warner Bros.: Fans and the Power of Listening


Harry Potter. Batman. Looney Tunes. Game of Thrones. Each of these iconic franchises has shaped popular culture for years. Behind each one is a passionate fanbase with a strong emotional connection to the characters and stories. As the President of Global Brands and Experiences at Warner Bros., Pam Lifford oversees fan engagement, experiences, and consumer products for these and dozens of other beloved Warner Bros. franchises (there are so many, we can’t possibly list them all here). She also leads the publishing side of storytelling giant DC Comics, home to Superman and Wonder Woman. “Our goal is to have our products, no matter what type, enhance that story and that connection [with fans] versus derail it or create anxiety from it,” Pam says of the fan relationship. With so many responsibilities, you could easily call Pam a superhero. Her superpower? Listening. Pam joins the podcast to talk about the value of building strong relationships — with fans, colleagues, consumers, and partners — and growing the consumer products and experiences for the most popular and lucrative franchises in the world.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • What goes into managing a global consumer products business that spans across apparel, toys, collectibles, homegoods, and much more
  • The rules of fan engagement — what you can and can’t do — and learning from mistakes
  • The value of building an ecosystem of connection points within the business and through different consumer products and experiences
  • Advice on localizing global brands and embracing cultural nuances that make fans feel seen, heard, and understood
  • Speed, data, e-commerce, storytelling, and what’s next for the future of fan engagement