Outside In Podcast

Dan Shapero, COO, LinkedIn: Making Sense of the Future of Work

There’s a growing tension between how people want to work and how companies believe people should be working. Employees have experienced firsthand how they can be more productive by fitting work and life together in flexible ways — without the daily slog of an office commute. On the other side are business leaders. They see business as a team sport and that when people come together and have strong relationships, they get better work done. Navigating these two truths will be key to building a successful company. Just ask Dan Shapero, Chief Operating Officer at LinkedIn. He oversees LinkedIn’s global sales, operations, and member and customer success, and he helps companies around the world grow their business and strengthen their teams through the LinkedIn platform. Dan joins the podcast to discuss the forces that are reshaping the global workforce and the workplace — and how both employees and employers are responding as we move into the future of work.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How creating economic opportunity for everyone is the driving force at LinkedIn (and the secret to its success as a 2022 Best Global Brand)
  • Some of the job skills that will be in high demand in the years ahead (hint: think digital!)
  • Why the next wave of job seekers will choose to work for companies based on their sustainability goals and how they’re helping to fight the climate crisis
  • Ways in which LinkedIn is helping women in the workforce find jobs and advance their careers
  • What is “product-society fit,” and is it as important as “product-market fit”?
  • Why the one thing every successful leader needs is self-awareness…and how Dan discovered it himself
  • How one conversation with former LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner changed Dan’s perspective on his career
  • What’s supposed to be on LinkedIn? What should I be sharing? — Dan’s advice for how you should show up on LinkedIn