Brand Leadership Series

Brand leaders are facing multiple challenges. From inequality to economic uncertainty, climate change and humanitarian crises. What is the role that brands must play in shaping a better path forward? Today’s most relevant and valuable brands are those that appear to effortlessly balance power and responsibility. We asked some of the world’s leading companies about the moves that are giving their brands purpose and impact, and how they are planning to address the main challenges of 2023.

Expert Perspective

Brand Leadership Series

Kathleen Hall, Chief Brand Officer at Microsoft: “Brand leadership is about uncovering the soul of the company and sharing it through great storytelling.”

Susan Betts, Director, Brand Strategy and Management at Google: “Brand leadership means knowing and sticking with your brand mission.”

Brian Buckley, Chief Marketing Officer at Nasdaq: “Brand leadership is about understanding the essence of your brand and being bold enough to take the next step on the brand’s story and project it into the world.”

Elle McCarthy, VP of Brand and Social Impact at EA: “Brand leadership requires us to reconstruct capitalism for the value of society and not just financial value.”

Charisse Hughes, Chief Brand and Analytics Officer at Kellogg Company:
“Brand leadership is about understanding the equity of the brand and how you use it to speak to consumers in a way that’s purpose driven.”

Tyrrell Schmidt, US Chief Marketing Officer at TD Bank: “Brand leadership is all about the purpose you aspire to deliver.”

Michelle Froah, SVP Global Brand & Marketing at MetLife: “Building brand leadership is an inclusive effort that has to go across the entire organization and start with purpose.”