BMW: The only way forward – continuous transformation to perpetuate FREUDE Forever

The automotive industry is going through an unprecedented transformation phase on multiple fronts: Technological advancements, shifting consumer preferences and global environmental concerns are key drivers of change. Delving deep into these shifts and always striving to gain an understanding of where the future is headed, BMW is continuously evolving and working to instigate positive change. Our brand promise “Freude Forever” serves as the cornerstone guiding our actions – a pledge to society to uphold and nurture Freude as an emotion. Our commitment extends to securing Freude for future generations, a promise reinforced by our dedication to sustainability and circularity. 

or a long time, the automotive industry has focused on two approaches: emphasizing either customer-centricity or engineering excellence. With the evolution of the industry, these two aspects have become harmoniously integrated. At BMW we are one of the key leaders of this shift and are devoted to advancing and catering to customers’ needs while maintaining our brand core. Our commitment is reflected in the principles that define our operations and guide our trajectory forward: human centricity, tech-magic and intelligent reduction.  

The NEUE NEW tells the story of our transformation, mirroring the future-focused fields the BMW Group has identified as core focus areas: the ideal of a circular economy as a progressive mindset geared towards preserving resources; digitalization focused on identifying and meeting peoples’ needs; and a commitment to electrification, driven by the goal of ensuring that driving pleasure becomes an experience that future generations can also enjoy. 

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse, is a symbol of our continuous transformation. The car embodies all of these topics, showcasing the full spectrum of technological innovations through which the BMW Group is actively pursuing future sustainability and responding to the needs of society. In 2025 the Neue Klasse is bringing the mobility of the next decade to the streets.  

As we continue to connect our heritage to our future, we recall the Neue Klasse, which revolutionised our product range in the 1960s. We see this heritage in the storytelling approach of our latest Visions Vehicles, as well as our “The Neue New” communication, which deliberately plays on the German “Neue”, redefining the idea of “the new” itself. 

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse shows us today how Sheer Driving Pleasure will be interpreted in the upcoming years, with the design language of “intelligent reduction to the essentials” at heart. Meanwhile, the latest generation of BMW iDrive delivers a digital, immersive user experience in which the driver takes centre stage. Every aspect of the development process incorporated sustainability and efficiency as the guiding themes. Our rich history perfectly aligns with our ambitions for the future of mobility.

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