Outside In Podcast

Arvind Krishna, CEO, IBM – A new era for technology and innovation

Thirty years ago, people knew IBM as the “computer maker.” Today, IBM has evolved its business away from computer hardware, shifting focus on consulting and developing and deploying next-generation technologies like hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing. Arvind Krishna has been there through the transformation. He joined the company in 1990, at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center. In 2020, he took over as the company’s Chairman and CEO. Having the perspective of both a technologist and a business leader gives Arvind unique insight into where to take the company next. “We lean a little forward in where the world is going as opposed to where it has been,” he says. Arvind joins the podcast to discuss IBM’s role as a catalyst in deploying advanced technology to solve the world’s most complex challenges and make business — and the planet — better.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How working through Covid was a “large social experiment” that ultimately strengthened IBM and ushered in a remote and hybrid work future
  • Garage methodology, client engineering, and client success management — or, the three ways that IBM works together and co-creates with organizations
  • The business opportunity of sustainability and how technology reduces friction, removes waste, lowers costs, and creates a healthier environment
  • The case for a more resilient and diversified supply chain
    Why IBM does not believe in donating money to politicians or PACs — but would rather gain access to politicians through doing good in the world
  • The three traits every aspiring CEO should have