London, England, June 13, 2019 – Interbrand, the leading brand consultancy, won Silver last week at the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards Ceremony. Interbrand’s work in collaboration with GSK’s Design Leadership Team received recognition for the redesign of GSK Parodontax visual identity and packaging.

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards recognize the significant difference that design has on the success of products and business growth. The awards celebrate and prove how powerful partnerships between clients and designers can be; while commemorating the innovative talent in redesign and branding.

The DBA Design Effectiveness Awards had 59 winners this year. Chairman of the judges, Clive Grinyer, said, “this has been my first year as Chair of the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards and I have been incredibly impressed at the rigour and standard of discussion and evidence presented to us.”

Gringer said that when a silver award is given it shows, “really impressive evidence and shows a real significant impact on design.”

Sue Daun, Executive Creative Director at Interbrand London said, “the power of great design is to drive change. This piece of work in its entirety changes consumer behaviour for the better”. The collaboration between GSK and Interbrand worked with ease and creativity to combine brand strategy with design. The project between the two companies has set a high goal post for future work at Interbrand.”

GSK’s global brand, Parodontax, is a toothpaste that tackles gum disease. GSK wanted their packaging to reflect the premium price of the product and to stand out against competing brands. The rebrand reflects the product by using a simple yet elegant new design, using dissipation graphics to visually represent the reduction of bleeding gums, with a colour gradation signifying the transition to healthy gums.

By engaging consumers with the new rebrand design of Parodontax packaging, GSK has now managed to create the fastest growing global toothpaste brand in the world, achieving massive success in the US market.

“This big idea and use of distinctive assets have broken category stereotypes, educated consumers and inspired new thinking around our communications, leading to amazing results.”, said Simon Ritchie, Global Design Director at GSK.

The success of the redesigned packaging visually has exceeded all year one objectives. Both Interbrand and GSK are thrilled with the outcome and the continuing progress Parodontax is making in the toothpaste market.

Andrew Barraclough, Vice President of Global Design at GSK, said, “we are enjoying the results of our ‘design linking’ at GSK […] building on from design thinking into a design execution and delivery, with a philosophy of collaboration and expression. It’s demonstrating its success already.”

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