Interbrand creates a brand identity for BAM – Milan’s newest park

Milan, Italy – July 25 2019 – Interbrand, a global brand consultancy, have collaborated with the Riccardo Catella Foundation to launch the BAM brand for Milan’s newest park.

The concept goes beyond the idea of a public space by offering individual users with experiences rich in cultural, educational and entertainment stimuli; making outstanding projects available to the partners involved.

The brand being unveiled for the new park, Biblioteca degli Alberi (Library of Trees), managed by the Riccardo Catella Foundation, is the result of a far-reaching project conducted in partnership with Interbrand. The collaboration was aimed at creating a brand that could give this public space its unique identity, while at the same time sustaining its long-term growth.

We will continue to develop BAM as a unique place – a park with a strong identity and voice. Our cultural, educational and wellness programs will be inspired by nature, the true protagonist of this context. We are committed to continuous and open dialogue with the citizens of Milan and our surrounding community of people and companies, (just as the park itself) is physically open to all. Together, we will bring forth new and concrete initiatives for the city, in the name of culture and of harmonious, sustainable development,” said Francesca Colombo, BAM Cultural Manager, Riccardo Catella Foundation.

Now more than ever, businesses are social, economic and cultural accelerators. They must be capable of fully understanding the needs of individuals and be able to evolve quickly in tandem with the desires of their customers. Interbrand embraced this reality when it created the name and brand for the park. The name ‘BAM’ reflects the international spirit of the location, and at the same time, refers to its origins and natural heritage. It is an acronym of Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano, which means “Milan Library of Trees.” Through the conceptual, graphic and visual evolution of ‘I AM” into BAM, a narrative develops about the relationship between the park, individuals and the community as a whole. The new brand expresses what BAM represents: an inclusive place with a well-defined soul and personality, which fits into the city’s life while evolving with it.

“Turning a place into a brand is a complex process that means more than simply matching a logo to a geographical space,” said Lidi Grimaldi, Managing Director of Interbrand Milan. “These ’place brands’ must convey a clear, coherent vision of the space, which considers all the historical, social, cultural and economic aspects, as well as the various different meanings that the place may have for different individuals. BAM goes beyond that and transforms the concept of urban park. It is a brand with the potential to interact with 10 million people.”

Working in a fluid, constantly changing context, BAM will offer services and experiences that are geared towards its target audiences: citizens, institutions, partners and investors. The collaboration between the Riccardo Catella Foundation and Interbrand – which developed through a combination of analytical, strategic and creative disciplines – also responded to that need. The positioning, which leverages the brand promise “The Open Breather,” inspired a fully-fledged ecosystem of services and experiences that can radically change the way in which the park presents itself and interacts with all of its stakeholders.

“The short and snappy name, BAM, immediately becomes something that belongs to everyone in everyday language, and brings the brand closer to people’s hearts,” said Paolo Insinga, Executive Creative Director of Interbrand Milan. “The identity is alive, dynamic and flexible, representing the ambitious offering of a place that’s not only a park, but also an epicentre for culture and experiences.”

The project also defined the new experience strategy for BAM, which the Riccardo Catella Foundation has brought to fruition by forming major partnerships and by organising an extensive programme of culture, education, sports and entertainment events.

Visually, the new identity created by Interbrand represents the essence of the park: the trees, with their branches interweaving and embracing the community. Just as the park is a platform for events and interacts with the city and with the changing seasons, so does its identity evolve and change. It is a dynamic system of colours and images that can be enriched with content as time goes on, to reflect the experience-based initiatives offered by BAM.

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