Canadians invited to nominate brands that helped shape our country

Toronto, ON (April 18, 2017) — As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this year, the nation is reflecting on the people, places, and events that built our country. But what about the brands — the companies, organizations, and institutions — that helped shape the Canadian experience and make us who we are? To showcase the influence and impact of Canadian brands, Interbrand Canada is releasing “The Interbrand 150: Iconic Canadian Brands Report”. All Canadians are invited to submit their stories about the Canadian brands that they consider part of our identity as a nation.
What qualifies as an Iconic Canadian brand?
When Canada was confederated in 1867, Hudson’s Bay Company was already shaping the Canadian experience. An Iconic Canadian brand is one that, in its own way, authentically becomes part of the country’s fabric. It can be new, old, or out of business. It can be for- or non-profit. Serious or fun. National or local. But it must have achieved significant growth and impacted the Canadian experience in a significant way.
By the brand consultancy behind Interbrand’s Best Global Brands
The report will be produced by Interbrand Canada, a consultancy dedicated to helping Canadian brands and businesses grow. Brands will be evaluated using Interbrand’s pioneering brand strength methodology, which powers the valuation and analysis of Best Global Brands and Best Canadian Brands. This methodology is just one way Interbrand helps organizations of all sizes achieve clarity and create and deliver exceptional experiences.
How can Canadians submit Iconic Canadian Brands for consideration?

Until Victoria Day, May 22, 2017, all Canadians can submit the names of their iconic brands along with a sentence or two describing what makes it iconic to them. There are two ways to nominate:

  1. Tweet it @InterbrandCDN using the hashtag #Interbrand150
  2. Email it to

Select brands and stories may be included in the full report, which will be published later this year.