Interbrand’s brand identity for .ART has transformed a domain name into the premiere online community to grow the global art world. Registrants include preeminent art institutions, Top Growing Best Global Brands, Beyoncé, and Kickstarter
London, United Kingdom (February 15, 2017) – Interbrand celebrates the overwhelming success of the global launch of .ART (‘DotArt’), a brand it has brought to life as the singular platform for the multi-layered and ever-changing world of art. On February 8, the first global digital domain for the art world opened Preferred Access Registration to the art community. In the last week, it has sold .ART domains in over 38 countries worldwide, 25% of which are for names of individuals associated with the art world. Registrants in the last week include the Louvre Museum and Sotheby’s; Best Global Brands Apple, Audi, AXA, BMW, Disney, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung; luxury brands Chanel, Rolex, Rolls-Royce; and global artistic phenomenon Beyoncé.
Interbrand’s challenge for .ART was to empower its vision to be far more than just a domain; instead, to be the dedicated online platform for the art world spanning museums, artists, art fairs, organizations, art dealer associations, biennials, galleries and dealers, foundations, service providers, collectors, curators, and media. With a holistic strategic and a creative approach, the world’s leading brand consultancy defined .ART’s role as the sole digital curator of a vast, diverse global community of arts and culture. This ambition was achieved through the execution of a clean visual identity and focused purpose – to act as the digital canvas for the art world, offering these industries and communities freedom of expression and authenticity.
“It is .ART’s role to give art a voice, to embrace and unite all of its forms, all of its constituents in one place. The brand is deliberately flexible to allow this in both its design and definition, and those that have already signed up are testament to its potential,” explained Max Raison, Strategy Director at Interbrand London.
The minimalist visual identity allows flex in the brand according to what is hosted on each individual .ART site – allowing the creativity, the brand champions, to thrive. Early adopters are already planning to utilize .ART to promote their collections and programming, celebrate their legacies with the platform’s interactive capabilities, provide new educational opportunities, and market to new international audiences.
“This simple, dynamic identity respects the art world it inhabits, framing the importance of recognising art within its own space,” said Sue Daun, Executive Creative Director at Interbrand London. “Being part of this creative world ourselves, .ART represents far more than a domain: Its a statement of equality for the creative community. We are as excited to be part of creating this as we are to have our own .ART domain.”
As venture investor, founder and the head of .ART Ulvi Kasimov explained, “As an investor and art collector, I found it fascinating that the art community had not developed a formalised infrastructure, and it was this insight that led me to think, ‘What could be?’ It is more than just a domain, it is a technology platform that provides accessibility and trust. I wanted to create a space for the art community with a digital identification, as well as providing a vehicle to bring the art world into the digital space.” Regarding the creation of the .ART brand, Kasimov shared, “We have a superb logo, that is immediately understandable and inspires the imagination of our audiences.”
“Art is still a very traditional analogue market, despite online art sales at an all-time high”, said Christian Purser, CEO of Interbrand in London, “The launch of .ART creates new growth possibilities for artists and the people and businesses that support them.”
Since its sunrise launch in late 2016, .ART has already quickly established itself as a global brand, with more than 60 select early adopters: world-renowned museums and art organisations ranging from the Art Institute of Chicago, the Centre Pompidou, Foundation Cartier, Solomon R. Guggenheim, to the Istanbul Biennial, the Francis Bacon Estate, Kickstarter, the Marina Abramovic Institute, and Cahiers d’Art.
February 8 marked the completion of the first phase of market release for Trademarked brands with .ART registrations from notable organizations such as:
Art World:,,,, Fundación Cisneros with, Louvre Museum with, National Museum of Women in the Arts with, and
Entertainment: by Dr. Dre, Beyoncé.art,,
High Tech:
• Apple buys 35 including:,, and,
• Google buys 10 including:,,, and;
Financial Services:
• Bank of America buys 6 including:, and
.ART will be open to all arts enthusiasts to register from May 2017 onwards.
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