interbrand MÉXICO

A new brand to fit a complete business model transformation



Office: Mexico City

The Termoencogibles Group is dedicated to the production of plastic packaging for industrial, retail, and mass consumption segments. The Group was looking for a complete evolution in order to redefine its business model – not only to stay relevant but to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for its clients.

We created a brand with a focus on the world we all want to live in, away from contaminated plastic waste and harmful production processes.

For this great evolution of the brand, Interbrand developed a new name that reflects part of the brand’s past, but that will move away from the plastics business.

It had to be short, not coined, pronounceable in English, and inspired by the concept of innovation.

“Ternova” uses part of its heritage “Ter” (Termoencogibles) + the suffix “nova” (new in Latin), a “new Termo” – as it was often called by its clients – and “nova” describes the birth of a new star in the night sky that shows a universe of possibilities.

In terms of visual expression, we created a revolutionary brand, which expresses the concept of innovation and technology by which the brand is governed, moving away from the green and sustainable stereotypes known in the sector.

This style shows Ternova as a futuristic brand thanks to neon colors and typography, preserving a human touch in the photographic style centered on people and the planet, it is characterized by the selection of dynamic, energetic and futuristic images.

There is no visual territory or photographic style in this category closer to what we have created: bold, colorful and innovative.