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Office: Mexico City

Rotoplas is a leading company in Mexico and Latin America that provides individual and integrated solutions for storing, carrying, and treating water.

For more than 10 years, Rotoplas and Interbrand have had a strong relationship, from Brand Valuation, Portfolio Management to Strategy and Identity, we have become allies in the development and growth of their brand.

Our objective was to transform Rotoplas from an industrial company with products to a brand of water solutions, finding the balance between the functional nature of the business and the emotional vision of it.

To successfully communicate this evolution to all of its audiences (B2B, B2C, corporate, and collaborators), the brand needed a flexible visual territory. We achieved it through a communication matrix that guides the use of visual elements for each audience.

To elevate their new visual territory, in partnership with Enigma (font specialists), we developed a complete typeface of 6 variants, maintaining industrial features in their forms and incorporating characteristics that demonstrate the human approach that the brand delivers.

The Rotoplas typeface is multi-language. It allows to compose messages in the 4 main languages in America (Spanish, English, Portuguese and French), and therefore, contributes to the objective of strengthening the brand’s positioning as a leader in innovation and water solutions on a continental level.

It allows the standardization of institutional communication through a unique and contemporary graphic voice, highlighting the identity of the brand and contributing to its positioning in new markets.

The typeface includes more
than 3,600 glyphs.

The hybrid style between sans and serif makes the typeface family more contemporary and robust. In addition, the marked exit features help to differentiate between signs and facilitate reading.

The new typography defines a memorable asset for Rotoplas. Present in every communication across all touchpoints, represent one of the key signatures for the brand and its graphic elements.