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Office: Mexico City

Focused on the creation of comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of power generation, transmission, and distribution, Prolec is one of the leading energy companies in America.

With a history of more than 50 years of sustained growth and a great alliance with GE, Prolec approached Interbrand to help them reflect through their brand strategy and corporate identity, the evolution that their company has made in the last few years.

The brand should portray: specialization, innovation, and express what a world-class company is. Always recognizing the contribution that its partners had in its success, by being the protagonists of its own history.

The brand needed to project two priority aspects of the Group’s way of working: Prolec’s role as an ideal ally in the co-creation of higher value energy solutions, and the philosophy that energy – as an essential resource, had to reach its points of consumption in the most intelligent way.

Prolec’s old identity was not only old fashion but completely away from the business philosophy towards innovation, corporate responsibility, and technology.

Adding to this situation, internal communications were not engaging with employees in a professional and significant way. A new external and internal graphic system was needed in order to align and achieve the identity the Group was in the title of.

The project defined a new brand ambition, trajectory, and brand architecture for the Group that supported Prolec’s role as a leading brand to continue growing into the future.

Visually we separated the brand from its competition through the creation of a new, more modern, and closer visual territory, accompanied by renders that highlight the quality and superiority of the brand’s equipment, where energy is symbolical.

An illustrative style was created as a new asset for external communications and an adaptation of that graphic style was included for all internal communications, letting the brand live in different contexts in an aligned and coherent way. Also, a unique photographic style was defined for the brand, using light as an identification symbol that marked all communications with a proletary stamp.