How Interbrand digital solutions can support your business

Optimising digital experiences for brand growth

In our 2022 Best Global Brands report, we document the emergence of a new super league of brands that are combining exceptional brand experiences and uncompromising ethics to drive brand growth and expansion into new arenas.  

Creating exceptional experiences is vital during critical moments of brand evolution. The digital experience is likely to signal an early change in brand trajectory and ambition for most stakeholders. And you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Montage of client work on mobile screens showing Skweek, Haleon and Topsoe digital experience designs

Bringing together the best of brand and user-centric design 

Best in class digital products and experiences are created through the user-centred design process, which seeks to find the sweet spot at the intersection between empathy, creativity, and business needs, to balance the needs of the user and the business. 

Yet strong, well-executed branding is also essential for the success of digital products and experiences. With digital solutions from Interbrand, we bring the very best of branding and the best of user-centric design together to create better digital products that enable you to grow your business and your brand. 

Deep digital product and experience capabilities 

Together with HYD, Interbrand offers digital consulting alongside best in class user experience design, testing and product development.  

Our expert teams deliver effective end-to-end solutions, focussed on addressing your business challenges at speed, with experience in everything from native apps to voice and AI tools. There are three ways that clients are using our enhanced service offering today: 

1. Digital Refresh

All brand change programs will impact a brand’s digital ecosystem, at least at the level of the identity and high-level experience. Interbrand, with HYD, are adept at refreshing digital products and experiences that are already performing well but need updating to reflect the new trajectory of the brand. 

2. Digital Redesign

As a result of brand change, it may be necessary to re-design digital products and experiences from the ground up: From the presentation to the experience, with new content and technical build. Interbrand, with HYD, have the capabilities to re-design, re-launch and optimise digital products through their lifecycle. 

3. Digital Innovation

Digital innovation is a critical component of building new products and services to underline the brand’s commitment to a new and better future. Interbrand, with HYD, have the imagination and capabilities to conceive, create and deliver innovative Iconic Moves to underpin your brand Purpose and trajectory. 

Advantages & benefits for Interbrand clients

Whether you are currently working on a brand program with Interbrand or just about to start a new program, bringing the digital conversation into the mix will deliver significant benefits. 

  • Better performance from your digital products and experiences through bringing together best in class brand design and user-centric design
  • Significant time savings in getting digital products and experiences to market by integrating digital workstreams into your overall brand program
  • Single point of contact for program management through your existing Interbrand client service team
  • Ability to access HYD’s digital capabilities through your existing Interbrand commercial agreement

For more information please contact your Interbrand representative or email us at [email protected]