Against a background of profound global economic, social and technological change, the 2021 Best Global Brands report recorded the largest brand growth ever.

The combined value of the top 100 brands increased from $2,326,491 million in 2020 to $2,667,524 million in 2021, an overall increase of 15%. 

The fastest growing, most valuable and top performing sector remains technology. The digital trends that have underpinned strong growth in this sector show no sign of abating and the different professional and personal ways in which consumers rely on cloud-based technology, artificial intelligence, streaming and subscription-based services bolster this sector. Technology’s representation in the rankings reflects this; the top three brands, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, make up 62.3% of the total value of the top ten brands.


Global Panel: Meaningful Brand Management

With Allianz, Santander and Volkswagen

Global Panel: Business Transformation

With Morgan Stanley, Royal Philips and Salesforce

APAC Panel: Purpose

With Kao and Yamaha Motor

Regional Perspectives 

Simon Thun, CEO, Central and Eastern Europe
Interbrand – EMEA perspective 

Simon Thun explores the challenges that lie on the horizon for EMEA brands. With climate change, post-pandemic challenges and increased competition in non-European markets, Simon shows that brands must lead, act and innovate to stay ahead. 

Holmfridur Hardardottir, Chief Operations Officer 
Interbrand – NA perspective 

Holmfridur Hardardottir provides valuable insights into how successful brands are operating in North America. She highlights how successful brands are staying agile and competitive by expanding their portfolios with M&A’s, transforming to keep up with technology, and navigating new cultural trends.

Masahito Namiki, CEO, Japan
Interbrand – APAC perspective 

Masahito Namiki analyses how successful brands in the APAC region are staying ahead. Explore his examples of leadership, relationships between stakeholders are and why the metaverse is the next frontier for successful brands.

Nasdaq CMO and Interbrand CEO Fireside Chat


Biggest Risers

2021’s top risers shared strong performances on three brand strength factors: Participation, Agility and Direction. The technology giants Apple, Microsoft and Amazon continue to shine, making up the top ten alongside fast risers Salesforce and Adobe.

But the real champion is Tesla, recording a near-tripling of its brand value resulting in a striking 26-point rise to 14th place. Tesla’s meteoric rise was achieved with a ubiquitous social media presence that enhanced its brand values, consolidating its position as the world-leading Electric Vehicle manufacturer. It’s core purpose, “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”, clearly resonates with a growing, loyal consumer-base and demonstrates how successful brands woo consumers with a clear, coherent vision. Even with anecdotal reports of reliability issues, Tesla customers score high satisfaction, significantly above peers in this sector.

Another rapid riser is Salesforce, which demonstrated effective agility to diversify its acquisition and portfolio strategy and propel growth. Thanks to this, Salesforce is the fastest-growing enterprise software company globally, both for personal and professional use. It’s ambitious product-led growth strategy and innovation has expanded its user-base and community and has facilitated the continued rollout of software globally on several dimensions, including in Covid-19 relief efforts.

Apple, the world’s top brand for the ninth consecutive year, continues to lead the way in in direction ensuring that everyone in its organization is moving towards a clear, ambitious goal. It has diversified further into health care, (with the Apple Watch now recording blood oxygen levels), subscription-services in entertainment, data-storage and music, it has continued to stay close to customers and it continues to find strong online retail solutions despite complications caused by the pandemic. Ultimately, Apple still demonstrates remarkable direction and a brand value that centres on providing the consumer a simple, seamless experience, which reflects its significant 26% increase in brand value.

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