From legendary notebook to iconic experience


Moleskine is known around the world for its iconic black notebooks with rounded corners, ribbon bookmark, and elastic band closure. The Moleskine notebooks are the heirs and successors of the notebooks used by artists and thinkers of the past to capture their ideas when on the go and the company’s identity is strongly rooted in this heritage. Listed on the Milan stock market since 2013, the brand’s challenge is to seek natural and relevant growth opportunities that can reinforce its integrity.

An in-depth approach combining analytics, insight, strategy, and brand evaluation led to the creation of the proposition, “Inspiring journeys”—a powerful narrative that has the power to fuel brand extension and frame the development of new analogue and digital products, services, and experiences. We helped Moleskine bring this proposition to life by working together on its new brand touchpoint, the Moleskine Cafè: a contemporary reinterpretation of the historical “Café Littéraire.” A simple, compelling, creative idea, “My daily fix of inspiration,” was the guiding statement while developing the ambiance and retail experience. The result is a place for inspiration, where the generation of ideas and stories is accompanied by the ritual of morning and afternoon coffee. In July 2016, the first Moleskine Café located in a city center opened in Milan, the construction of which we oversaw. Many more are on the way across the world.

From advanced analytics all the way to its physical implementation, we had the privilege to share a step in the journey of a uniquely inspiring brand.


Photography by Michele Morosi

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