The Definition of Mecosystem

In tech terms, an ecosystem is a complex network or interconnected system in which devices interact. The Mecosystem is a refinement and reorientation of this model, putting you at the center and reorganizing integrated experiences around you. Informed by your data, the Mecosystem considers the “real-life” contexts surrounding you and seeks synergies across experiences, ensuring more relevant services and products.

Already working to close the gap between the business and the end user, many brands are grappling with the challenges of integrating disparate products and services and developing experience strategies that truly sync up with our needs and preferences. In the Age of You, the Mecosystem will help calibrate brand experiences that are becoming increasingly social and multi-sensory, including the interfaces we tap and speak to, the hardware that we hold, the software that recognizes us, and the data that helps customize our immediate surroundings. Within the Mecosystem paradigm, you are at the nexus of the system.



From linking us to new friends on the basis of shared interests to helping us tap into our direct networks for quick, relevant answers, sensing technologies will allow us to harness collective intelligence and make the most of our personal connections.



Now that mobile systems can sense their physical environment and adapt their behavior accordingly, content will be increasingly tied to context. Giving new meaning to instant gratification, context-aware technology will help us find what we want-wherever we are, at any time-based on our location and history of activity.



Our hearts-from literal BPMs to the throes of dating-will be worn on our virtual sleeves. Massive datasets about ourselves (AKA the “quantified self”) will become a route to self-discovery, giving us new ways to approach fitness, healthcare, and even romance.



As people reclaim the rights to their personal data assets, and greater transparency becomes de facto for the data economy at large, people will set up personal data stores that could truly unlock the power of the Age of You.