Holidays 2014: Interbrand supports UN Food Programme & FEED

This year, we're uniting to celebrate the true spirit of the season by giving a gift that truly transforms lives.

At Interbrand, we believe education unlocks doors of opportunity—but we also realize that barriers exist for many children. Proper nutrition, for example, is necessary to fuel students’ learning, yet, in today’s world, many children are not getting the nourishment they need today. We believe that, if there is food, they will attend . . . and, if they are properly nourished, they will learn. That’s why, this holiday season, we’re partnering with FEED Projects through the UN World Food Programme’s School Meals initiative. All Together, we will be able to not only give a child a meal, but a better tomorrow.

We are fortunate to continue our partnership with FEED Projects, which began with the development of FEED Supper—a month-long campaign to support the distribution of 1,000,000 meals (we’re proud to announce the campaign exceeded the goal and distributed 1,924,794 meals).

Programs like this are made possible by Interbrand Inspired, our foundation that leverages our most valuable assets—our strategic and creative skills—to advance education across the globe. Each year, our foundation supports ongoing pro bono consulting projects with inspiring nonprofits and helps bring our employees and communities closer together through volunteerism. This year, our volunteer efforts touched six continents and, last year, we built a school in Guatemala through Pencils of Promise.

If you are interested in joining Interbrand this holiday season as we help to feed schoolchildren worldwide, please click here.