A World of Opportunity: Interbrand’s Global Mobility Program


I’ve always known that I wanted to work abroad in London—the culture, the music, the arts, the lifestyle—it seemed like such an exciting and cosmopolitan city. Plus, from a branding perspective, London is definitively one of the most mature markets in the world. What a great place to continue my learning! Last year, when I was offered the opportunity to move from São Paulo to the UK to join the London team, it felt like my dream would finally come true.


If you have an interest in the mobility programme at Interbrand, there is no shortage of information available. I originally learned about it through internal emails and by exploring the mobility workspace on our intranet. Lots of other Interbranders have transferred to other offices throughout our network and everyone has had such complimentary things to say about their experiences. I knew that the time abroad would present me with opportunities for both personal and professional growth.


It was hard at the beginning, I won’t lie. There was so much change in a very short period of time. I landed in London on a Monday and had to present at a kick-off meeting on that Tuesday, to a quintessential UK client, no less! However, after the first month, things did go very smoothly, and the London Interbranders have definitely made adapting to life in the UK much, much easier. For others who might be considering working abroad, I would also suggest proactively visiting an office you would like to work in to get a sense of the culture and work style.

There are many differences between working here in London and working in my home office in São Paulo. The London office is a central hub for Interbrand. You feel this when you interact with the people who work here—you get a strong sense of the accumulated knowledge. The work style here is a bit different, too, particularly in the way that we organise projects and work in teams. Although the office is definitely representative of a global city in that there are many international employees, there is a sense of Britishness that runs through all aspects of life—both inside and out of work. It’s something I’ve noticed, whether I’m out for a meal, walking down the street, riding a double decker bus, or at the pub with coworkers on a Friday night. I even see the influence on my diet—I’m drinking much more tea than ever before!


The experience of working abroad in another Interbrand office has been truly eye opening. I love when we are given a challenge that we see as 1) a really big task and 2) something that really matters. It’s in these instances that our teams best ignite our three core values: intelligence, imagination, and inspiration. Recently, we worked on an internal initiative that exemplified this ethos—every Interbrander here was excited about it and offered extra time between projects to brainstorm and help out in some way. It’s this passion, courage, and desire to make things better—and being given the opportunity to live and work in a new city—that makes working for Interbrand so rewarding.



Strategy and Analytics Consultant