Taking on tomorrow

For nearly three decades, Dhiraagu has been the leading telecommunications provider in the Maldives. But in the face of new competitors and an increasingly young and digital user base, it turned to Interbrand in 2016 to help it maintain its leadership position.

Anchored in a benefit-driven promise to help its customers to “Take on tomorrow”, Interbrand helped Dhiraagu pivot from a traditional, establishment, well-known brand, to one that is vibrant, engaging and well-loved.

To activate its dynamic call-to-action, Dhiraagu revamped its service experience by establishing a modern customer experience center and by uplifting customer support on digital channels to be social and empowering, with an experience focused on speedy solutions and warm interactions. The colours of the Maldivian atolls and the goodness of its people inspired a warm and welcoming look-and-feel, with assets optimized for a digital world.

Dhiraagu today is a brand that not only reliably connects people across the islands that make up the Maldives, but also one that helps them—and their loved ones—to get ahead.

In creating a digital-first and customer-centric brand, Interbrand helped bring our Vision & Mission to life.
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