Interbrand Reveals 2015 Best Brazilian Brands

December 3, 2015


This year’s report shows record levels of movement in brand value

São Paulo, Brazil (December 3, 2015) – Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, has released a report revealing the 25 most valuable Brazilian brands of 2015. The announcement took place this morning, in an exclusive event at Insper, a Brazilian higher education institution focusing on business and economics.

“The political turbulence and slow pace of the economy have created mistrust, and this environment of uncertainty has had a negative impact on the performance of many brands,” explained Daniella Bianchi, Managing Director at Interbrand São Paulo. “On the other hand, those who established the best connections with their audience managed to have good results, proving that strong brands are more resilient in times of crisis.”

The total value of the 25 Best Brazilian Brands has grown: the portfolio, which was worth R$ 101 billion last year, is now R$ 104 billion.

“2015’s report sees a record level of fluctuations in value, with 15 of the 25 brands showing decreases or increases of more than 10%,” noted Interbrand São Paulo’s Strategy Director, André Matias. “These variations are evident in the portfolio’s total value increase by 2.75%, and by the 25th brand’s value being lower than in 2014.”

Twelve of the 25 brands showed an increase in their brand values, compared to last year. Out of these, eight brands showed double-digit increases: the leading brand, Itaú, grew 13%; Skol, the #3 brand, 17%; Cielo, 20%; Lojas Americanas, 21%; Renner, 22%; Ipiranga, 25%; Porto Seguro, 27% (the highest positive variation); and Havaianas, 19%.

Bohemia and Localiza, #24 and #25, respectively, are both new entrants in the 2015 Best Brazilian Brands report.

This year’s leading brands have a feature in common: they leverage the relationship with the consumer, speed-to-market, and their ability to sustain loyalty – essential attributes in times of crisis, when consumers are more exacting over what they buy and why.

The economic recession and the slowing down of consumption have hampered the increase of many brands’ values. Eleven of the study’s 25 brands decreased in value. Out of these, Petrobrás saw the steepest depreciation with a decrease of 39%. Oi fell 36% and Casas Bahia fell 32% compared to 2014.

2015’s Best Brazilian Brands:

BBBRands 2015

Sponsorships in brand building

At the event, Interbrand also presented their new study Creating brand value through sponsorship, which looks at how sponsorships build experience and how they can help to build brand value.

“The study proves there is plenty of space for Brazilian brands to occupy through sponsorships. If they are consistent, well implemented, activated and aligned to a solid brand strategy, sponsorships are powerful tools to create value”, says Daniella Bianchi.

In partnership with Provokers, research revealed that 40% of sponsorship efforts do not result in creating a mnemonic for the brand. Sport sponsorships attract the the highest level of audience attention, representing 54% of actions recalled by the research participants. The Brazilian Football Cup sponsorships were the most remembered by respondents, with 11% spontaneous answers. Only 5% of the sample recalls the Olympic Games sponsors.

The findings from our research, alongside articles and interviews with sponsors and the sponsored are available at


Interbrand’s Best Brazilian Brands report identifies the 25 most valuable Brazilian brands by analyzing the many ways a brand benefits an organization—from delivering on customer expectations to driving economic value. Interbrand’s methodology was the first brand valuation method to become ISO certified.

The study is based on a combination of attributes that contribute to a brand’s cumulative value:

  • The financial performance of the branded products and services
  • The role the brand plays in influencing customer choice
  • The strength the brand has to command a premium price or secure earnings for the company

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