Interbrand publishes Best Mexican Brands 2017

April 26, 2017


Report analyzes the 25 most valuable brands, ranked according to their financial value

Corona is #1, followed by Telcel, Oxxo, Telmex, and Bimbo

México City, Mexico (April 26, 2017) – Interbrand, the leading global brand consultancy has revealed the 2017 results of its influential ranking and report, Best Mexican Brands (Las Marcas Mexicanas más Valiosas), at an exclusive event with leaders of key industries in the country.

The total value of this year’s 25 Best Mexican Brands exceeds MXN $418,722 million, demonstrating the importance of these brands to the Mexican economy.

Corona leads the ranking with a value of MXN $84,123 million, followed by Telcel (MXN $60,862 million), Oxxo (MXN $43,877 million), Telmex (MXN $38,666 million) and Bimbo (MXN $33,182 million).

In this year’s analysis, six new entrants can be found in the report’s top 25: Lala (MXN $15,056 million), Bachoco (MXN $4,713 million), Volaris (MXN $4,438 million), BanRegio (MXN $3,321 million), Rotoplas (MXN $1,240 million), and Nutrisa (MXP $540 million).

“A great brand is connected to a deep understanding of the growth forces of the business, that will help accelerate the organization and its development,” commented Isabel Blasco, General Managing Director of Interbrand Mexico and CARICAM. “These forces include people: their growth, their abilities, their understanding, their ability to work together; processes: the way you do things, how you use people to do things; and the products and services you bring to the market: how you foster innovation to ensure that your capabilities will grow year after year.”

Telecom and IT is the leading industry among the top 25 brands featured in the report, represented by Telcel and Telmex, with a combined brand value of MXN $99,528 million. The beverage industry follows, with a value of MXN $89,546 million, represented by Corona and El Jimador. Retail is the third leading industry with a combined value of MXN $83,017 million, represented by 7 brands: Oxxo, Bodega Aurrera, Liverpool, Superama, Suburbia, Sanborns, and Nutrisa. The food sector is the fourth most valuable in the ranking with a combined brand value of MXP $55,206 million and consisting of Bimbo, Lala, Bachoco, and Maseca. The fifth leading industry is financial services, with a combined brand value of MXN $38,142 million, represented by Banorte, Compartamos, and BanRegio.

As Constanza Gabelich, Strategy Director for Interbrand Mexico & CARICAM, explains: “Given the characteristics of our country, our current economic position*, and the economic potential that many envision, Mexico cannot maintain a timid attitude towards transformation with the aim of innovating and growing. For our brands to evolve faster, it will be necessary for business leaders to become aware of the need to actively transform their product and service portfolios so brands can maintain successful leadership.”

Gonzalo Brujó, CEO of Interbrand EMEA & LatAm, added: “As the Best Mexican Brands 2017 report demonstrates, these are exciting times for Mexican brands. I am pleased to see how they’re growing, independently of their sectors—Mexican brands are not limited by borders, their industries, nor their geographies—and that they are making an effort to innovate and leave their comfort zones to continue growing as brands that directly influence the growth of their businesses.”

The ranking of the Top 25:

Rank Brand Sector Value (Million MXN)
1. Corona Alcohol 84,123
2. Telcel Telecom & IT 60,862
3. Oxxo Retail 43,877
4. Telmex Telecom & IT 38,666
5. Bimbo Foods 33,182
6. Banorte Financial Services 25,944
7. Televisa Media and Entertainment 23,690
8. Bodega Aurrera Retail 18,832
9. Lala Foods 15,056
10. Mexichem Industrial Products 9,252
11. Liverpool Retail 8,957
12. Compartamos Financial Services 8,876
13. Aeromexico Airlines 6,727
14. Superama Retail 6,615
15 Jimador Alcohol 5,423
16. Bachoco Foods 4,713
17. Volaris Airlines 4,438
18 TV Azteca Media and Entertainment 4,423
19. Moctezuma Construction 3,512
20. BanRegio Financial Services 3,321
21. Maseca Foods 2,255
22. Suburbia Retail 2,195
23. Sanborns Retail 2,000
24. Rotoplas Industrial Products 1,240
25. Nutrisa Retail 540

The methodology

Interbrand’s brand valuation methodology is a proven and rigorous formula that examines brands through the lens of financial strength, the influence of brand on consumer behaviors, and the future probability of revenue from the brand. Our methodology evaluates brands as an analyst would value any other asset: based on what the future earnings of the brand will be. To qualify for this report, the brands must be of Mexican origin, have public financial information, and a positive net financial value.

About Interbrand’s Best Mexican Brands 2017

The report “Best Mexican Brands 2017” is a study conducted by Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, whose rigorous analysis is based on a proprietary brand valuation methodology—the first to achieve ISO 10668 certification, the international standard for brand valuation.

Having pioneered brand valuation in 1988, Interbrand has a deep understanding of the brand’s influence on all the factors that drive business growth (shareholders, customers, users, and employees). Strong brands influence choice, foster loyalty, attract, retain, and motivate talent, as well as create financial value. Interbrand’s methodology is designed to take into account all these factors, bringing the market, the brand, the competitors, and the financial information in a single framework for assessing performance, identifying the main areas of opportunity, calculating return on investments.

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