Interbrand & Microsoft Partner to Launch Microsoft Music Box

February 7, 2015



2015 GRAMMY Awards: Interbrand and Microsoft Partner to Launch Microsoft Music Box

As the official technology sponsor of the 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Microsoft showcases not just the future of music, but also the future of music education

NEW YORK, New York (7 February 2015) – Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Microsoft to create a fully immersive and intuitive musical technology.

Revealed at the GRAMMY weekend’s Dark Nights Party on Friday, February 6th, the Microsoft Music Box leverages the power of Microsoft Kinect and Surface – and places the user at the forefront of creating an entirely new music experience. By combining open-source and motion sensor technology, the user is in complete control of curating an original, visual and musical composition. No sheet music. No scales. No limitations. Writing a song becomes as simple as dancing.

“The Microsoft Music Box is a fully immersive experience that places the user at the heart of music creation,” said Chris Campbell, Executive Creative Director at Interbrand. “Everyone loves music, but learning to play it? That’s a different story altogether. The Music Box makes learning easy, intuitive and fun. It also represents a new and creative way to engage with the Microsoft brand.”

How the Microsoft Music Box works: as soon as a person steps onto the projected keyboard, Kinect tracks their movement. Using custom software and coding, provided by technology partners YesYesNo LLC – and powered via Microsoft Surface, the surrounding projection and speakers transforms the user’s body movements into an array of sounds and images, evolving as they continue to move. Interbrand played a vital role developing this experience strategy, ensuring the technology and product teams involved came together for maximum effect.

The Microsoft Music Box also achieved another world-changing feat: bringing the power of music education to students. Despite its proven benefit to students, music education is often the first thing to go during budget cuts. Moreover, even fewer students have been taught how technology makes great music possible. Through its partnership with West Hollywood School of Rock, Microsoft developed a way to bridge both – connecting the future technology to music education.

Working alongside School of Rock instructors, students were the first to play the Music Box, turning jumps, head bops, hip shakes, and arm waves into a musical creation entirely their own. Students and visitors learned the ins and outs of Kinect hacks and how technology and music truly go hand-in-hand.

“At Microsoft our core goal is to empower people to achieve. As the official technology partner of the GRAMMYs we are proud to celebrate this achievement in music,” said Jeff Hansen, General Manager of Brand Strategy at Microsoft. “With this activation we continue our exploration of what is possible at the intersection of technology and creative expression, as we did recently with the Cube at Seattle’s Decibel Festival. It was a pleasure to work with friends like the West Hollywood School of Rock to celebrate the importance of music at all ages in a fun, engaging and hands on way. I’m thrilled so many in the community came to join us in this celebration.”

Microsoft’s Music Box was revealed on the LA LIVE Plaza, Friday February 6th 2015. To learn more, read Microsoft’s News Center story here. #MicrosoftMusicBox.