Courmayeur embarks on a growth journey with Interbrand

November 8, 2016


MILAN, Oct. 25, 2016—The mayor of Courmayeur, Fabrizia Derriard, the town council, and Interbrand together present Courmayeur’s new identity, the result of a broad-spectrum project geared towards creating a brand that not only represents the city, but the central organizing principle that will support the long-term growth of Courmayeur.

“In order to keep moving forward and evolve, Courmayeur had to embark on a new path that would enable it to assert itself as a major international resort, become a brand by adopting a company approach, and give our city a unique, credible, and real identity,” says Mayor Derriard, speaking about the rebranding project.

Combining its analytical, strategic, and creative disciplines, Interbrand developed a process that has led to the definition of the new brand and its visual organization.

An initial immersion stage involving interviews, surveys, analysis of trends, and market research, uncovered attitudes associated with Courmayeur. These, along with the contributions of target audiences in Italy, as well as Sweden, Switzerland, Great Britain, and the United States, formed the basis for this new positioning, represented by the brand proposition, “Enjoying Italy at its Peak.” This summarizes all that Courmayeur is: a place where people can find the thing that best suits their needs—whether it’s relaxation, adventure, excitement, the joys of eating and drinking, or shopping—each in its highest expression; a place, that is, where Italian style can be appreciated in all its facets. The general principles of the brand are conveyed by Courmayeur’s three distinct personality characteristics: multi-faceted, vibrant, and refined; and are defined by its core values: freedom, curiosity, and understated elegance.

“It has been really challenging to distill the deeper meanings of Courmayeur and to turn them into a strategy for driving the future growth of this extraordinary place,” says Angela Colucci, Client Services Director at Interbrand. “We have met people with a genuine commitment. With them, we embarked on an inspiring ten-month journey that led to what I believe are remarkable results.”

This brand proposition was translated into a strong visual identity, utilizing a very specific visual code. The logotype features dynamic and unusual lettering, and portrays the Italian side of Mont Blanc. Essential and effective lines make the logo easily identifiable and denote a strong character, with no need for embellishments to assert its uniqueness.

The logotype expresses itself directly and immediately through bold, authentic typography. The color palette is inspired by the landscape itself, while contrasts and accents exalt the spirit of the Courmayeur brand. Finally, details such as the use of icons and a texture based on contour lines enrich the identity and the brand expression while lending themselves to the creation of new visual applications and merchandising.

“This developed identity is genuine, differentiated, and bold,” says Paolo Insinga, Creative Director at Interbrand. “With this project, Courmayeur becomes a global destination, and Italy is enriched with another extraordinary brand.”

With the creation of this new identity, the Courmayeur brand will no longer represent just a place, but a whole ecosystem of products and services that people interact with—a truly radical transformation in how the city presents itself and engages citizens, tourists, and partners alike.

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