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How can you make an effective decision if you don't understand the benefits?

Our Analytics teams around the world develop the best solutions, using a combination of primary research, advanced statistics, decision science, and financial analysis, so we can define and quantify the issues related to innovation. We show our clients what factors really drive demand, and help them understand what role brand plays in mitigating risks. These insights give our clients the confidence to make the right value-creating decisions.

Brand Strategy

Strategy is the fine art of keeping every factor and element in perfect balance.

By working closely with our clients, our Brand Strategy team defines and puts in place the actions needed to deliver an agreed result. This will be in line with the overall business strategy behind the brand creation, and ensure the long-term, consistent implementation and management of the brand.

Brand Valuation

Interbrand's brand valuation methodology seeks to provide a rich and insightful analysis of your brand, providing a clear picture of how your brand is contributing to business results today, together with a roadmap of activities to ensure that it is delivering even more tomorrow.

Having pioneered brand valuation in 1988, we have a deep understanding of the impact of strong brands on the key stakeholder groups that influence the performance of your business, namely (current and prospective) customers, employees and investors. Strong brands influence customer choice and create loyalty; attract, retain and motivate talent, and lower the cost of financing, and our brand valuation methodology has been specifically designed to take all of these factors into account.

A strategic tool for ongoing brand management, it brings together market, brand, competitor and financial data into a single, value-based framework within which we assess the current performance of the brand, identify areas for improvement, and develop an action plan to enhance the future influence of the brand on business results.

The brand valuation model also provides a framework within which one-off business case modeling can be conducted to evaluate brand strategy options, such as positioning, architecture, and extension, and make the business case for brand change.

Finally, when conducting valuations for financial reasons, as well as a rigorously analyzed and defendable valuation number, we also provide strategic branding recommendations, delivering value to the business beyond the number alone.

To date, we’ve conducted several thousand valuations and the rigor and integrity of our approach has been recognized by businesses, standard setting authorities, academic and regulatory bodies, as well as accountancy and legal practices. This gives us unrivaled breadth and depth of sector knowledge and ultimate market credibility.

Brand valuation can be a versatile strategic tool for your business. For more information, please read our whitepapers:

Brand Valuation

Brand valuation – A versatile strategic tool for business


Brand Valuation

Making the business case for brand change – Connecting brand strategy to business results


Financial applications for brand valuation – Delivering value beyond the number


A Versatile Strategic Tool:
Applications for Brand Valuation

Brand Valuation


Corporate Citizenship

At Interbrand we believe that Corporate Citizenship is the sum total of how a company treats every constituency that depends upon it, and upon which it is dependent – its employees, customers and suppliers, the government(s) responsible for both regulating and assisting it, the communities in which it does business, and the larger environment it shares with the whole planet.

Consumers have become increasingly aware of both the local and global impacts of corporations, and when it comes to the issues that matter to them, they demand responsiveness and reward brand leadership. By appealing to their core audiences and leveraging core competencies in service of the greater good, companies drive customer choice, generate premium and deliver loyalty to their brand.

Our Corporate Citizenship team works with multiple clients in the non-profit and for-profit world to unlock these growing opportunities that build measurable brand value by aligning their Corporate Citizenship efforts with their overall business strategy.


Corporate Design

Visually a brand must do more than capture attention, it must capture your brand strategy and bring it to life.

Our Corporate Design teams create identity systems that give a visual language to analytical knowledge and strategic thinking. That way, we understand how the brand will be seen and interacted with, as well as the business context in which it must function. We identify and utilize every brand touchpoint – from print to environments – so that we can create a lasting and coherent brand identity system.


The explosion of digital and social media has fundamentally changed the way consumers behave and interact with brands. Today’s consumers can connect with many brands through multiple channels. And many of these channels fall outside of marketers’ control. No longer are consumers simply influenced by brands. Now, brands themselves are being reviewed, shaped and even co-created by consumers. 

Interbrand assists its clients in navigating the numerous changes brought about by digital – from understanding its growing influence on consumer choice and loyalty, to its impact on how businesses are structured, organized, and managed. We work with our clients to build holistic brand experiences, ensuring that digital is a seamless part of both business and brand strategy.


Digital Brand Management

Interbrand’s sister agency, BrandWizard, specializes in providing leading brand technology; from digital brand guidelines to e-commerce and social media platforms. Working as a seamless part of the Interbrand team, BrandWizard uses technology expertise and solutions to bring our brand plans to life online. Web-based brand management solutions can provide your brand team, employees and agency partners with instant access to corporate identity materials, brand guidelines, packaging artwork and more, to ensure your brand is consistent across all your activities.


In the health industry, more than anywhere else, brands change lives.

Our specialist division, InterbrandHealth, offers all the analytical, creative, and implementation services of Interbrand, and matches this with the precise knowledge and therapeutic experience needed to effectively face the unique challenges of the health and life sciences industry.

From the proactive shaping of a market in the lead-up, to the launch of a new compound, through to the effective and efficient management of an entire franchise, we help companies create value in their brands and brand portfolios.

Internal Brand Engagement

Whatever the brand, maximizing its real world value depends on the long-term involvement of those who work with it every day.

We know brands can't and shouldn't exist in a vacuum. In order for them to change behavior, they need to live in the hearts and minds of those who work for and with them. A company's workforce is the living embodiment of its brand in action. If they are engaged and energized, they bring the brand to life and deliver differentiated experiences in their every interaction with customers; creating a virtuous circle between employees, consumers and business performance. That's how brands become genuine and positive experiences for the employees who work for them and the consumers who choose them.

Our Internal Brand Engagement team works with clients to help maximize the role and worth of their workforce in creating and managing brand value.


The perfect name encapsulates what the brand offers in a well-worked word that resonates with its audience.

Integral to verbal identity systems is a clear naming architecture that will sustain powerful and memorable names. By bringing together our expertise, insights, rational research, and strategy into tone of voice, we create names that carry brands to audiences in the simplest, most effective manner.

Packaging Design

Packaging is often the first and most regular contact people have with your brand. More than just a face to the brand, packaging is a powerful selling tool. It influences market position and consumer behavior by triggering purchase and creating loyalty.

We ensure packaging solutions work seamlessly with brand strategy. Our packaging work brings brands to life in accessible and engaging ways, from the way they look, feel, and function, to how the packaging works competitively and complements a wider portfolio.

Our design team has a deep understanding of shoppers. We work across all sectors to develop packaging design systems that deliver consistent, powerful, and enticing messages from the first moment they’re seen on the shelf.


Brands live or die in the real world. The way a brand occupies a physical space helps define its relationship with the shopper.

Our unique approach to branded environments blends art and science. We apply pure creativity, refined customer insights, and a distinctive strategy to the store, influencing the shopper’s journey, and encouraging higher margins and brand loyalty.

Our experts in design, planning, merchandising, and implementation work together to create shopping experiences that are meaningful to your customer. We bring the brand idea to life.
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Verbal Identity

Without language, it’s impossible to create strong brands.

We believe that language is central to creating, interpreting, organizing, and communicating brands. Verbal Identity embraces every use of language, from establishing and bringing a brand’s personality to life, to creating and maintaining an identifiable tone of voice, and ensuring clear and consistent messaging.