Looking for life beyond the logo

How we helped the Yahoo!7 brand click into place.






The Yahoo! logo is universally recognized for the expert yet irreverent attitude it brought to the Internet. Who can forget hearing the Yahoo! yodel when it first launched?

Nowadays, the Internet has grown to become a part of our everyday lives on so many different levels. What’s more, its evolution has been matched by the success of Yahoo! as both a business and a brand.

In Australia, Yahoo! partners with Channel 7 to provide local content, products, and services. However, while the branding of Yahoo!7 borrowed heavily from global guidelines, the nature of the local partnership presented some unique challenges in terms of its branding – specifically, color, context, imagery, and application. As a result of the confusion – and in spite of all its energy and dynamism as a business – Yahoo!7 had little more than a logo to show for the brand.

We were asked to make the brand live beyond the logo, and to create an identity system that would put the personality back into its advertising, on-air promos, and printed collateral.

We kept coming back to the angular character of the logo itself. No angle sits at 90°, and we were inspired by this off-center aesthetic to design a layout system that captures the logo’s same energy and feel. The system is infinite in its application potential but universal in its consistent approach to color, use of imagery, and tone of voice.

We created extensive brand guidelines to capture the principles behind the design solution and provide in depth explanations for how to apply the brand across a full range of applications that included print, online, and motion graphics. Following face-to-face work sessions with its internal design team and web developers, we continue to provide a sounding board for ongoing design and advertising decisions. Yahoo!7’s newly-energized brand identity system strikes the same chord as the original yodel – but now it echoes further.